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Doc had the opportunity to meet Matthew Stutzman, a well known professional archer who competes regularly in the Paralympics. Born without arms, Matthew has overcome every challenge in his path and now travels the country as an inspirational speaker, sharing his amazing story and determination with as many people as he can. We are in talks with Matthew, exploring the possibility of him becoming a spokesman for Gray Fox Archery. We are quite excited to be working with Matthew, and he is enthusiastic about the programs we are developing this year. With his experience and dedication to the art of archery, we know this is a partnership that will pay off for our members and help our organization grow. To find out more about Matthew’s story, visit his website, The Inspirational Archer.


Working with Family & Community

At this time of year, archery suppliers see a large influx of families and individuals taking advantage of holiday and year-end sales. It’s a great time to update equipment, get back into archery, or try it for the first time. Being properly fitted with the correct equipment and having it expertly adjusted is critical for satisfaction and success in the art of archery. It is also one of the aspects of On Target Mentoring:


“The expert fitting of equipment and procedures meeting the subjective needs of the trainees.”


This holiday season GFAA members are regularly at Lancaster Archery Supply talking and working with families and others to help do just that; and, inviting them to participate in our organization. 


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As you can see we’ve made some great connections with several families and others in the area. We look forward to working with them, and meeting you, in the new year!


Also in the new year, Cornwall Borough Police will be working with Gray Fox Archery to implement an exciting new strategy for creating a safer community. Headed by Chief of Police Bruce Harris, we are planning to train their staff as GFAA Certified Mentor/Coaches and assist in finding venues for this exciting work. These programs will be offered to Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, community organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Churches, etc; and nearby retirement communities. 


2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Gray Fox Archery, so check back soon for more announcements and events coming in January, and Happy Holidays!


The Impact of On Target Mentoring

Allen1Jack Allen is a graduate of Syracuse University (1992) with a B.A. in Psychology. He was also an offensive tackle in the Syracuse football program. Now he is a Project Manager for a contracting firm working the Securities and Exchange Commission, DC.


Jack was born with "essential tremor," a neurological condition causing his hands to shake a little and, when anxious, more.  He believed he'd never be able to shoot well again. He had shot in his early years, but as the pressures of life grew, so did the tremors. 


By Working with GFAA Founder Doc McCune using the principles of On Target Mentoring, he was able to reduce the symptoms of his essential tremor. This has positively impacted his ability as an archer and, more importantly, his life as a whole.

“To my amazement, my tremor has diminished. I love archery, hunting, and the out doors in general, and would love to join with GFAA  promoting their program and even help to start one of their chapters and develop an indoor archery range in Leesburg, VA.” -Jack Allen

Please read more about Jack's experience in our first feature article, "The Impact of On Target Mentoring".


Meeting with Keystone Wounded Warriors


Keystone Wounded Warriors ( Co-founder, Captian Sam Johnson and  Lt. Justin Kratzer, both of the USMC, Battery I, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marines of the Navy Operational Support and Marine Corps Reserve, Lehigh Valley met with GFAA Fouder Doc McCune in discussions to plan for mentored archery training programs. 

Their goal is to support returning and wounded warriors and their families, as well as to determine the feasibility of locating a venue for indoor shooting and Mentor/Coach training for qualified personnel near their Allentown, PA location. The next planning meeting is scheduled for the week of October 10. Check back soon for more developments with the Keystone Wounded Warriors.


October Board of Directors Meeting

Doc takes aim

Following a brief summary of the June 5th, 2011 GFAA “organizational meeting” regarding the Board of Directors, Officers, its purpose, mission and structure, Dr. Richard McCune, aka, “Doc”, addressed the origin of the concepts, plans and practices now working together as the GFAA.



While recuperating from a serious illness in ’08, Doc, the founder and, current CEO of GFAA, reaffirmed, this time for himself, the remarkable importance and power of what he had come to strongly recommend during the many years in practice to those who have sought his consultation.  His typical Rx: From mid-childhood on be taught/learn to take charge of and responsibility for one’s own life, so that/or, in times of recovery or impacted by a major change, one can set a practical course that works; then, stick to it as a life-long practice.

In summary, he concluded: “Discovering an accomplished practice of daily living leading to successful outcomes and healthfulness is formed upon a practical understanding based in a knowledge of how the world, in and around us, works--well or not well.  This is essential for success in all that we are to be and do: being in relationships, living ones life as fully and healthfully as possible.  But we should read the “warning label”: Practicing life solely through the discovery process (of self and/or other) “may be hazardous to your health,” addictive if used too long or often and, as we find in the news repeatedly, deadly! NOTICE: Frequent or prolonged use of “the discovery process” not necessary in a society where multiple generations live in close proximity. 


Enter: “On target mentoring”

  • Based in the proven principles of a disciplined living
  • Expertly fitted to the subjective needs of the trainee(s)
  • Provides ongoing coaching aimed as staying “on target”

The GFAA “On target mentoring,” presents a disciplined practice in the systemic interaction of these three processes.   When worked together and synergistically each of the three components builds upon and increases the potential of the others.  Mindfully targeted efforts addressed in this manner result in outcomes that are more that the sum of the parts! 

Our programs are “expertly fitted” for each individual or group and, include those learning for the first time or returning to relearning a practice in the art of archery. As such, our work brings with it more than 10 millennia of proven practice history and the most able theories and science of mindful living.

We believe such a practice will continue to assist many persons enjoy these results and apply the same to personal growth, mindful and health-filled relationships and life-long recreational opportunities.


Join the GFAA Blog, The Bark, let’s hear your “bark “ in response!!

Follow the “tracks”—find out where Gray Fox will go next!


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Gray Fox Archery Association

On Target Mentoring!

Our Mentoring/Coaching Programs are

“On Target” by being:

    • Based upon proven principles for success in the Art of Archery, a model for a lifetime of disciplined living.

    • Fitted to the subjective needs of the trainee(s) by our multi-professional team.