The Impact of On Target Mentoring

Allen1Jack Allen is a graduate of Syracuse University (1992) with a B.A. in Psychology. He was also an offensive tackle in the Syracuse football program. Now he is a Project Manager for a contracting firm working the Securities and Exchange Commission, DC.


Jack was born with "essential tremor," a neurological condition causing his hands to shake a little and, when anxious, more.  He believed he'd never be able to shoot well again. He had shot in his early years, but as the pressures of life grew, so did the tremors. 


By Working with GFAA Founder Doc McCune using the principles of On Target Mentoring, he was able to reduce the symptoms of his essential tremor. This has positively impacted his ability as an archer and, more importantly, his life as a whole.

“To my amazement, my tremor has diminished. I love archery, hunting, and the out doors in general, and would love to join with GFAA  promoting their program and even help to start one of their chapters and develop an indoor archery range in Leesburg, VA.” -Jack Allen

Please read more about Jack's experience in our first feature article, "The Impact of On Target Mentoring".



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