Kyudo - Metaphorical Archery

Kyudo-KaiKyudo, (Kyūdō /弓道), is the Japanese word, for saying, “The way of the Bow” – the “art” of drawing back the bow with the arrow and the finesse of releasing it to the air and hitting the designated target.

Kyudokas (students) learning to hit the target with "beauty and dexterity", metaphorically indicates they are achieving a perfection of practice in living so as to successfully move along their respective paths in life. Once the kyudoka is able to hit the target consistently, there is evidence that his power of concentration has reached the point that he is not distracted by any internal or external factors that might affect his performance. In this manner, a lifelong mentored and coached practice in the "Art of Archery" becomes vital and integral for achieving a fulfilling and health-filled life.

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