Bowen Theory

Dr. Murray BowenDr. Murray Bowen’s lifetime work was the development of a new theory of human behavior (now known as: Bowen theory) and will stand over time as a great conceptual leap in the history of natural science and behavioral knowledge. In developing a systems theory of human behavior, Dr. Bowen created thought-filled steps in which we can be coached to “think” and practice living more successfully while getting along, day-by-day, in an increasingly complex world.  To learn more about Bowen theory visit:

The need for this theory is only now beginning to be fully appreciated. Thinking about and coming to an understanding how people relate to people is the key to using constructively all the factual knowledge that has been painstakingly gathered and passed on as “the body of knowledge” over the centuries. Bowen theory is important because it offers useful knowledge and "thinking" toward addressing humankind’s most pressing problem, i.e., the breakdown of meaningful relational contact within and between the generations.


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