The Inspirational Archer

Doc had the opportunity to meet Matthew Stutzman, a well known professional archer who competes regularly in the Paralympics. Born without arms, Matthew has overcome every challenge in his path and now travels the country as an inspirational speaker, sharing his amazing story and determination with as many people as he can. We are in talks with Matthew, exploring the possibility of him becoming a spokesman for Gray Fox Archery. We are quite excited to be working with Matthew, and he is enthusiastic about the programs we are developing this year. With his experience and dedication to the art of archery, we know this is a partnership that will pay off for our members and help our organization grow. To find out more about Matthew’s story, visit his website, The Inspirational Archer.



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Gray Fox Archery Association

On Target Mentoring!

Our Mentoring/Coaching Programs are

“On Target” by being:

    • Based upon proven principles for success in the Art of Archery, a model for a lifetime of disciplined living.

    • Fitted to the subjective needs of the trainee(s) by our multi-professional team.