OUR Purpose as a 501(c)(3), non-profit educational charitable organization is to address the interests, needs and capabilities of persons who hold an interest in being/becoming active in the age-old sport of vertical archery (target, and 3-D shooting and/or hunting), as a means for healthy individual and interactive recreation; and, as a metaphorical medium by which to create opportunities to promote disciplined personal growth for oneself; and, form able relationships, to include gaining a working understanding and, an integrity of respect for others among the generations in today’s society.

OUR Mission is to fulfill our purpose by becoming a leading national force in the utilization of archery as a medium through which to develop venues to form activities leading to the mentoring and coaching of individuals, singly, and/or as groups in organizations, clubs and communities, to address one society’s major problems, i.e., the breakdown of meaningful relational contact within and between the generations.

In this manner our members, especially those who elect to aspire to become GFAA Certified Archery Mentor/Coaches, will be trained through a metaphorical framework in the practice of the “art of archery”. As such, they will come to understand, improve and control their own strengths and abilities, gain an understanding of working cooperatively with others and, become more able in building and maintaining sound relationships within and between the generations of today.

The relationships formed through our practice of metaphorical archery will bring mentor and protégé alike to recognize and become skilled in the essential, thought-filled skills foundational for success in entering/re-entering daily life; to commit to a program of repetition in the practice of these skills needed to gain control of and to direct one’s talents and resources, to enable success in building relationships, at work, recreation and rest; and, to become more able to confront life’s expected changes and unplanned difficulties with a calm resolve.

The Benefit : Our programs result in thought-filled mentoring in preparation for, or in the wake of, life’s planned and unplanned changes, in tandem with ongoing, principled-coaching of a metaphorical practice of the art of archery proven to be edifying through all of life.

Why “Gray Fox” archery?

The gray fox is one of the wisest and most able creatures of the field and forest. It is thought to mate for life. It hunts in stealthy collaboration with its partner and raises offspring to maturity; coaching/mentoring them in all the skills needed for survival and life afield. And, when the time is right, gives a well-placed, sharp nip sealing an understanding of encouragement and enabling the youth to move-on toward healthful independence. Therefore, the gray fox, a wise, life-long-committed, stealthy and cooperative hunter, and, coach/mentor of its young, is Nature’s living model, ready and worthy; a pennant of our effort.

Gray Fox Archery Association: On Target Mentoring!

Our Mentoring/Coaching Programs are “on target” by being:

  • Based upon proven principles for success in the Art of Archery, a model for a lifetime of disciplined living
  • Fitted to the subjective needs of the trainee(s) by our multi-professional team
  • Providing ongoing coaching aimed at staying “on target” throughout life