On June 7th & 8th at our offices located at Lancaster Archery Supply, new and exciting alliances were formed. The two day meeting is the result of a year & a half search to find proven state-of-the-art service providers to fufill the disciplines represented in the GFAA copyrighted Mentoring/Coaching program.

Among those selected and pictured below are Rob Kaufhold, owner of Lancaster Archery, Skip Latella, founder & owner of Flexor SportsTraining and Joe Luciano, founder of Motion Sports 3D.

These, and others representing nurtition, diet, physical therapy and PM&R, have agreed to work together to support our comprehensive archery training, based in the USA Archery/National Training System (Coach, KiSik Lee).

GFAA continues to work toward the most complete archery shooting program to date.

Keep watching The Bark for more announcements, coming soon!

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