With the advent of our new offices at Lancaster Archery Supply opening in mid-February, will be able to expand our mentoring and coaching programs. This year we will be launching several new programs that are under active development. We are pleased to announce that we have formed several partnerships with local organizations to bring On-Target Mentoring to many more people.

Educational Programs in Schools

The Gray Fox Archery Mentor/Trainer Program will be launched in private and charter schools in Eastern Pennsylvania. Carli Cochran, a well known Olympic archer in training, has agreed to be trained as one of our first GFAA Certified Mentor/Coaches. Carli has been a member of the Junior United States Archery Team for three years and is currently (Feb. 5-9) shooting at this year’s World Archery Indoor Championships in Las Vegas.

GFAA is working jointly with Victory Place residential program (certified by the department of public welfare, PA) and La Academia charter school to create archery-based training programs that will be launched in the second quarter of 2012. Both schools are located in the greater Lancaster area. Using archery as a metaphorical medium, we create opportunities to promote disciplined personal growth for oneself, form able relationships, and gain a working understanding and respect for others throughout the generations. La Academia is a well-established charter school that shares Gray Fox Archery’s interests in implementing programs that build a foundation for ethical, honorable, correct and just relationships.

Cornwall Borough Police Department

Starting in March of this year, we will be training Officers of the Cornwall Borough Police Department to be GFAA Certified Mentor/Trainers. Their training is in preparation for presenting a variety of community based archery programs. Police Chief Bruce Harris & his department are well known for offering community based programs in the interest of crime prevention, and we are proud to be working with them. The Gray Fox Archery goal of addressing one of society’s major problems, the breakdown of meaningful relational contact within and between the generations, is what really struck a chord with the police chief. He is adamant about promoting healthy relationships within the community to reduce the levels of crime and foster a better environment for everyone.

Returning and Wounded Warrior Programs

We are continuing to develop contacts within the military to assist and advise us in the creation of programs for returning and wounded military personnel. Sgt. Michael A. Ros, U.S. Army, Retired, has a long history in the archery community. He has trained children and young adults, receiving his Level II Intermediate Coaching certificate in 2008. He also shoot professionally, attending as many tournaments as he can.

Doc and Mike Ros met at the LAS Classic, where he was competing, and it became clear that he shares our interest in developing an archery rehabilitation program for wounded warriors.

“Soldiers come back (from war) angry and don’t know why. Archery can be a tool to help them channel their negative energy into something more positive.” -Mike Ros

Research Project in Development

Doc, as a Clinical Associate Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Dr. Gerald E. Dworkin, DO, Chairman of the PM&R at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic medicine and well known Physiatrist, are working together to develop a preliminary study leading to a formal long-term research project. This initial effort is to design, study, and evaluate the effectiveness of the GFAA’s Target Archery as a method and system for reinforcing/augmenting the human body’s adaptive resources for rehabilitation, restoration and recovery. Following this initial work, and in anticipation of positive indicators, the three year formal research project will be funded by a well known health care insurance organization.

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